There is much going on 0

There is much going on

There is much going on with the new car, but unfortunately I have no time to write the details here. If you wan’t you may check out my posts in the Bulgarian Trabant and...

Trabant metal plate 0

Trabant metal plate

Two days ago, my Trabant wall decoration metal painting arrived from China. I will mount it on my living room wall below the clock :). It looks good so I think I will order...

Old but gold :) 0

Old but gold :)

It’s icy outside, but with my 95 Frontera I successfully managed to get out of the middle of nowhere with ought winter tires, by just turning on the low 4×4. This is a dream...

The station wagon is here 0

The station wagon is here

Yesterday I drove home the station wagon from Shumen. It was an exiting journey. The car gave up on me 2 times during the 80 kilometers trip and one stop was made for sparks...

Trabant 601 Brochure 0

Trabant 601 Brochure

Browsing around the net and I found this gem. It’s a brochure of Trabant 601. Enjoy the photos below

The car is flipped over 0

The car is flipped over

Today the car was finally flipped over with the help of my brother and another person. There is a lot of work that should be done, but stage 1 is almost complete.

I din’t flip the car over today 0

I din’t flip the car over today

So I didn’t flip the car over today. I spend the whole day in bed with my girl friend quick sauna and than in the shopping centers around the city ending with a good...

Front suspension disassembly 0

Front suspension disassembly

Today I disassembled the front suspension of the car, and I’m ready for flipping the car over. If everything goes as planned, I will flip the car over, tomorrow. In order to disassemble the steering rack...